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Dogs love to kayak in Florence Oregon!

This past weekend it really felt like it was the start of summer, the temp hit 90 on our back deck!

We were kept pretty busy renting out kayaks for the float to the beach and back both days!

Our vacation rental yurt just happened to be open on Sunday so we took full advantage of it and took the dogs swimming. As well as renting kayaks and the yurt, we also run a dog boarding facility on site, and generally have 4 or 5 extra dogs. We love to take the ones swimming that are appropriate to do so. They love it and we LOVE dogs! Here are some pictures of our Border Collie, Noel...she LOVES to kayak and paddleboard.

We welcome your friendly, social dog to join you when you paddle. A dog with you will require a double kayak, they get cramped in a single and dont have as much fun. All day rentals on the Siltcoos River Canoe Trail are $45 for singles and $55 for doubles for the full day.

At this time we do not supply dog life jackets, so think ahead if you feel you need one. If you dont want to take your dog on the river, call ahead and see if we have room for them to stay with us for the day.

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