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Kayaking in Florence Oregon!

Kayak Rentals Florence Ore
Map of the Siltcoos River

We woke up to a beautiful weekend in Florence Oregon, the air is warm and the sun is out!!

Florence Oregon weather forcast.

This is really the start of our summer season at Siltcoos River Kayak Rentals, and we are excited!

I m going to tell you what to expect when you are ready to rent kayaks and paddle the Siltcoos River.

You can just show up, but the best thing to do is to give us a call at 541 999 6941 and let us know you are coming so we can make sure to set your kayaks aside, especially if you are a group with more than 2 rentals. We have lots of kayaks, but better safe than sorry, right?

We are located 6 miles south of Florence in Dunes City. Just head south from Florence until you see the signs that say Westlake Area, Tyee Campground. There is also a large yellow sign on the highway that says 'Welcome to Dunes City'. Take a left and go down about 1/4 mile and watch for our sign on the right that says Siltcoos Lake Resort....YOU HAVE ARRIVED!

We will walk with you down behind our office to the dock and outfit you with life jackets and paddles. We will select a kayak for you, double or single, whatever suits your fancy, give you some instruction and send you down the river. Its a super easy paddle, there is NO current and you can easily paddle both directions. You can head up around a couple of riverbends and be in the Siltcoos Lake, or head the other direction and paddle to the beach. Whatever you decide, bring some snacks & water and spend the day!

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